The name Fascination Pictures come from the idea that we are most fascinated by the things we see and experience for the first time. We are also fascinated when we are presented with the old in a new way. Our first logo was a colour pencil sketch representing my then 2 year old daughter watching our clothes go round and round in the washing machine. To her the motion and bubbles and sound were all stimulants that captivated her thoughts and stimulated her imagination.

I’ve been making videos for more than 10 years now, but I found that capturing & filming weddings quickly became one of my favourite ways to express my passion for film. Every wedding we attend has it’s own special fascinating moments mostly made up by the mix of family and friends that come together to celebrate a moment in life. A moment that will change everything for two people,  but also be the start of a new life formed – a new family – when man and woman choose to live in marriage, to love and unite for life. We love that fact that we get to meet couples on these most precious and exciting days of their lives, to experience and ride the wave of emotions they will feel, and then to pack up our gear when it’s all done feeling like we’ve just made new friends along the way.

One of the things I have learnt to do in my personal life is to focus on what is right with the world. Sometimes that requires a little Faith, but most often the things we desire and value the most are right there where we always hoped they would be. I hope that our films will be a lifetime reminder of what is perfect, pure and beautiful. To celebrate with passion and love with all your heart.


Fascination Pictures is owned and operated by Daniel McGeer. He lives with his wife and three children in Pretoria, South Africa.


  1. Wayne Dreyer says:

    Good day,

    we are planning on getting married next year 28 October and I would like to find out more about your services and pricing pleaser.

    Looking forward to hearing back.




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